About The Whiteboard Bible

The Bible tells a story. The amazing narrative begins with creation and concludes with Jesus triumphant. Between Genesis and Revelation is the story of God’s interaction with the descendants of Adam. Through these sessions we will develop a twelve-point timeline, which will serve as the framework for all the characters and events in the Bible. We will take a journey from Creation, through the emergence of the Hebrew people and into the Roman world. This first volume begins with Creation and continues through the first kings of Israel. Enjoy the journey, the Bible is a treasure for all.

The Whiteboard Bible™ is designed to facilitate both individual study and small group discussion to include discussion, application, weekly memory verses and more. The workbook is designed as a companion to The Whiteboard Bible™ Small Group DVD. Pastor Jackson’s thought-provoking teaching is a valuable tool for churches, youth groups, homeschoolers, college campus ministries—as well as individual study.

About Allen Jackson

Allen Jackson has worked with the congregation of World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee since 1981, and has served as senior pastor since 1988. Pastor Jackson earned a Bachelor of Arts from Oral Roberts University, a Master of Arts in Religious Studies from Vanderbilt University and studied at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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Pastor Jackson spearheaded the development of a variety of World Outreach Church community events, providing opportunities for families to experience God and become part of a local church. The results have been a stronger community, strengthened families and a healthier church.

Pastor Jackson has been a featured speaker for many years at the Feast of Tabernacles, hosted by the International Christian Embassy-Jerusalem. He has been recognized by the Christian Coalition of the Israeli Knesset for his continued support. In recent years, his speaking engagements have taken him to South Africa, the U.K., and other countries abroad. Pastor Jackson is a church planter and his passion is to help people, wherever they may be, to become fully devoted followers of Christ. His conviction in serving a God of restoration and achieving a 24/7 church has touched people across the country and the world. Through Intend Ministries, Jackson coaches pastors across the nation and the world to greater effectiveness in their congregations.

Pastor Jackson is married, and his wife, Kathy, is an active participant in ministry at World Outreach Church.